Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Christmas Mix '09

I have some standards. Standards (or boundaries) are set up beforehand, before an event/issue/area, to protect one's self (and sometimes others) from making foolish choices in the heat of the moment. God has given us emotions and these emotions, when guided by God's Word, are fantastic. When operating under the control of the flesh, they can deceive and mislead us.

With that in mind, I have standards about Christmas music. The standard is to not play Christmas music unless one of the following two conditions is met: 1) it is after Thanksgiving Day or 2) snow has fallen.

Last night, snow fell in Racine, Wisconsin. I was prepared for this. I was excited about this. Without the aforementioned standards, my emotions would have caved in. I did not cave in. It was worth the wait.

Despite this strict standard, my taste in music is horrible. I can fairly easily like a song. Maybe it was in a movie, maybe a roommate played it enough that I liked it, maybe it is so over-the-top sappy that I like. With this in mind, I thought I would post 10 of my favorite Christmas songs. I tried to avoid "classic" songs or songs that get overplayed. Embarrassing? Yes. Helpful? No. Funny? Maybe.

Quick Serious Note: If I could recommend an album, it would be Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Becoming Man. Made by Sovereign Grace, Christ-centered, with 'the Reason for the season' in mind. Most of the songs below have lyrics that are shallow, weak, and/or misplaced.

Anyways, ten of my favorite Christmas-only songs:

10 This Baby (Steven Curtis Chapman)
Reason: Because many people whom I love sang this song last year at Christmas time.

9 Better Days (Goo Goo Dolls)
Reason: My roommate in college played it. It makes me think (though this wasn't the original intent) of the better days we have to look forward to in eternity.

8 Little Drummer Boy (Audio Adrenaline)
Reason: Kinda-cool rock revision of the classic song.

7 Sleigh Ride (Jump5)
Reason: Pop music at its finest.

6 Christmas Time is Here (Sixpence None the Richer)
Reason: Soft, slow, relaxing.

5 Carol of the Bells (Straight No Chaser)
Reason: A cappella group. Cool song.

4 Where Are You Christmas (Faith Hill)
Reason: Its from the Grinch movie.

3 I Hate Christmas Parties (Relient K)
Reason: Roommate played it and it quickly became a favorite.

2 Christmas, Baby, Please Come Home (Death Cab)
Reason: Its really catchy and when a friend was playing it, it stuck.

1 My Only Wish (Britney Spears)
Reason: Quite possibly the single worst Christmas song of all-time. It is terrible. Terrible words, terrible tune, terrible everything. And, because of this, its a holiday classic.


  1. Dan,
    Nice topic and post.
    I am with you on numbers 10, 9, 6, 5 and 2.
    I have no opinion on numbers 8, 4 and 3.

    It is numbers 7 and 1 that we really have to talk about.
    I will do what I can in your defense, but these selections are possible grounds for disciplinary action from the RBC board.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. well, being young in ministry, i'm still figuring out what issues are worth fighting for. I'm pretty convinced this is a hill worth dying on. I mean, let's break it down:

    #7 was made by the CCM industry. We all know everything they pump out is deep, rich, and gospel-centered.

    #1 wasn't, but even the title "My Only Wish" suggests a singular life focus (probably along the lines of Matthew 6:33).

    I'd be willing to teach a Firm Foundation class on this very subject, if you'd like...