Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ten Ways: Pray Because You Need To

You want to see the glory of God? Then you need to pray.

Prayer is one of those obvious things in the Christian life. We all know we should do it. It doesn't cost us anything to do it and its pretty easy to pray. Yet, I haven't met too many people who would give themselves an "A" for their prayer life.

One of the biggest reasons we don't pray more is because we don't believe. If we really thought prayer worked, if we really thought we desperately needed to pray all the time, if we really believed we were weak creatures who had a special link to the God of the universe, we would pray more.

Pastor Kevin DeYoung wrote a blog post about this topic and it really hit home for me. If you've got two minutes, check it out.


  1. " The heart that never talks to God is the heart that trusts in itself and not in the power of God. Prayerlessness is unbelief.

    Prayerfulness, on the other hand is an evidence of humility and faith, which is why God loves it when we pray."

    So true - thanks for the link...
    My prayer life has been challenged on many fronts lately, and I'm excited to grow! This article gave me some truths to apply!

  2. Yeah, I love the quotes you put in there. It is so true. We don't pray, because we don't believe.