Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Prayer Request

I read these requests from a godly saint and want you to pray them for me (and each other):

To Abide in Christ
- In your thoughts: Supernatural application of what you know of Him filling your mind
- In your intentions: Sensitivity to the Spirit's leading to be purposeful in all you do
- In your words: Christlike encouragement and challenge to everyone you know
- In your emotions: To be filled up to full by the love that only Jesus can give
- In your character: That there would be no doubt who owns you and is fueling everything you do and others would give glory to Christ because of you

To Learn Something New About God
- In Scripture: To be amazed at God for an attribute of His in a new way and to love Him more because of it
- In someone else: To see the Holy Spirit at work in someone in a new way and to love Him more because of it
- In a cool situation: To watch God's love and power in action and to love Him more because of it

To Take on a New Challenge and Watch God Bless It
- In a relationship: To love someone new or deeper and see God work
- In a decision: To obey God in an act of faith and see God bless you in obedience

1 comment:

  1. Good requests. Godly person!
    I'm going to pray these for some people.