Monday, October 19, 2009

Signs I'm Blessed

I lived a blessed life.

Over the last week, I've had so many fantastic opportunities to pray with people:

- I prayed with the pastoral staff at church Tuesday morning
- I prayed with a small group of guys during a study at my house Tuesday night
- I prayed with a group of leaders before youth group on Wednesday night
- I prayed with a group of friends before I went to bed (and before they played more ping-pong) on Thursday night
- I prayed with the elders of RBC on Friday night
- I prayed with the students who serve in Character Kids Sunday night
- I prayed with the church board Monday night

I know that prayer is important. I know that God answers prayer. I know that I am supposed to pray. Yet, I don't pray like its important, I don't pray like God hears, I don't pray like I am supposed to.

And, let's be honest. Sometimes prayer can be boring. Sometimes, in group prayer, your mind gets distracted (and by sometimes, I mean, a lot). Sometimes, you would rather just have fun with your friends then pray with them.

But, especially this last week, God has taught me some great things through group prayer.

Here's four:
1. God's Presence. I really sense God's presence. I know God hears. I know God is with us.

2. Answers. I get to see God answer prayer. This is really cool, because it confirms that God hears and that God cares.

3. Spiritual Growth. I love God more. I trust God more. I hate sin more. I love others more. I am lifted from the temporary to the eternal. My view of God is expanded.

4. Joy. I'm serious. I really have been blessed with incredible joy this last week as I've prayed with people. This joy has been very noticeable and very real.

I am blessed to be surrounded with so many great Christians who love Jesus more than me and are encourage me to pray more. I am blessed to have friends in my life who want to pray. I am blessed to have a job where prayer is central on the daily "to-do" list.

Most of all, I am blessed to be able to pray. To have access to God's throne. To petition my heavenly Father and be with Him. I am blessed because my works are not enough to earn me this privilege. My best deeds done with my best motives in my best moments are still filthy rags. I am blessed because my sinless Savior took the punishment for my sin upon Himself. I am blessed because my sin has now been atoned for. I am blessed because now I am clothed in the righteousness of Jesus. And because of this, I can pray with my brothers and sisters.

And because of that, I am blessed.


  1. Great post. I always enjoy praying with you. Hebrews 4:16