Thursday, October 1, 2009

Signs I'm Depraved

Last week, I went to Portillo's restaurant with David Papillon to get a Chicago specialty: chocolate cake shakes. They are shakes with bits of chocolate cake in them. It may not sound good, but they are actually mentioned in Revelation as food that we'll have in the new earth (not really). If they had these shakes in Racine, I would be 500 pounds right now (really).

I went to pay for the shakes and noticed that a $20 dollar bill had fallen out of my wallet onto the ground. I began to think how glad I was that I saw the $20, otherwise I would have lost it. I slowly realized that I did not have a $20 dollar bill in my wallet to begin with. Meaning...I JUST FOUND $20 BUCKS!!!

I celebrated with David for a few seconds before my sin nature reared its ugly head. I had the following two sinful thoughts:

Area of Repentance #1: I began to think about 'what could have been'. What if it wasn't a twenty that I had found? What if it was a fifty? Or a hundred? Or a roll of hundreds? Or a huge backpack filled with millions of dollars?

How sinful! How greedy do I need to be? Rather than be content and thankful to God, I quickly rushed to my natural state of greed.

Area of Repentance #2: The sin of the love of money. How come I was seemingly more excited about finding $20 bucks (to see how excited I was, note how the finding of the money was all in caps) then I was about spending time with God that day? Or hearing about how God was working in David's life? Or about how salvation makes it possible for me to live with freedom and peace in this life, such that I can enjoy cake shakes at all without fear of condemnation?

How sinful! Psalm 19:10 says that God's Word is more precious than gold, then much pure gold. I want that to be true in my life.

So, what can I do? I repented and now I rejoice in this: "What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God--through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

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  1. just saw your blog on facebook. man, i could go for one of those cake shakes right now!!! :-) thanks for sharing your thoughts-- it's easy to forget just how depraved we really are.