Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hallowed be Your name.

Forgive me for taking You lightly,
for dishonoring Your name,
for robbing You of glory.

Forgive me for giving into sin so easily,
for fighting sin so carelessly,
for enjoying sin so freely.

Forgive my selfish, sensual, stubborn heart.

Forgive me for living for my name, and not Yours,
for living for my glory, and not Yours,
for living for my kingdom, and not Yours.

Forgive me for living as if sin is so harmless,
for living as if Your grace is too cheap,
for living as if Your Spirit is altogether weak.

Forgive me for underestimating my wicked heart,
and overestimating my strength to overcome it.

Forgive my quick nature to defend myself,
while boldly declaring guilt in others.

Forgive me for my petty excuses,
my surface-level justifications,
my speed in turning a blind eye to my sin.

Forgive me for tolerating transgressions,
excusing evil,
wallowing in wickedness.

My heart overflows with sin,
corrupting my

Create in my a clean heart, O God.

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