Friday, September 18, 2009

Smart Pastors

I am grateful for the other men that I serve with. These are men I look up to greatly and have a profound respect for. They have helped me immeasurably in ministry and continue to set the pace for my own walk with Jesus.

Spencer sets the tone for the entire staff. He is unflappable and keeps his eye on the big picture, despite pressure from the outside. He knows the Bible through and through and is able to articulate it to both large groups, small groups, and individuals (not an easy task). He is Gospel-centered and it shows. His actions, preaching, and direction are derived from the Gospel.

Darien has gifts most people dream about. He not-so-secretly runs the church (in a good way). He does children's ministry, discipleship, counseling, Sunday School, Firm Foundation, and just about everything else. And, he does it well. He knows the Bible through and through and has spoken its truth into my life on many occasions.

John Miesel loves the Lord with all his heart and is an example of faithful ministry. He has served as a missionary for years and still has a desire to see all nations hear about Jesus. While I'm one of the many does-almost-being-made-fun-of-count-as-persecution? American Christians, he has gone much further, including risking his life for the Gospel. Even today, he builds up the body through encouraging visits and relational discipleship. He also knows God's Word through and through.

John Anderson exudes holiness and shows the rest of the church what its like to put God first, despite having a non-ministry job most of his life. His Sunday School class continues to grow and part of the reason for this is the genuine e love of Jesus that he has for those in his class. Its not a charade, but a compassion for people and their needs. Oh yeah, and he knows the Bible through and through.

Wayne is the model of an "on-fire" Christian. He has been changed by Jesus and he wants everyone to know Jesus' love. He isn't concerned about his own reputation and has been used by God to impact souls for eternity. Cool, huh? He doesn't let people get a pass spiritually, but will press the issue, forcing people to face their own sin and disobedience to God. And, you guessed it, he knows the Bible through and through.

1 Peter tells us that we can't see Jesus; in spite of this, we love Him. This is true and I look forward to the day when I will see Him. I hope this more than anything. In the mean time, I see Jesus in a real way when I serve with these five guys. They know Jesus more than me and challenge me to know Him more deeply.

Yeah, I'm blessed.

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