Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top Ten: Thankfulness

Things I am thankful for today....

1. Sleeping in. I am grateful to be able to have days to relax and catch up on sleep--to sleep even after the sun rises without a pressing need to be somewhere.

2. Computer. I spent a chunk of the day working on my lesson, reading commentaries, checking sermons, listening to messages, typing out thoughts (and deleting thoughts)--all done on a computer that most days I take for granted.

3. Football. I enjoy sports and I learn a great deal about God (and myself) from watching sports. More on this later, but I am grateful to be able to watch and follow football.

4. Pastors/Friends. Tonight, we had Party with the Pastors--to welcome in new folks to the church. The staff all met the new folks at Darien's house and I had enjoyable conversations with each couple.

5. New People. I met several folks who are new to the church. Several of them told me about how God was richly blessing their lives or how God had used the church to grow them recently. Exciting.

6. Friends. As simple as it sounds, it is nice to know you are cared about. Getting a text or a phone call about plans for the night is fun. God has created us to be relational people and I am grateful to have many fantastic friends.

7. Stories. The more I teach, the more I see how well people connect with stories. I notice that I can zone out when someone is speaking, but when they tell a story--I'm locked in. I am glad God has made us that way--I love good stories.

8. Kleenex. I've been fighting a cold for the last few days and the battle would have been much worse without tissue.

9. Mom. Not only did she bend over backwards for me since Day 1 (read: July 30, 1984), but she continues to do so. She still does my laundry, makes desserts for me, and now (circa: April 2009) she texts me. I've got the best mom in the world and you can't tell me otherwise.

10. Jesus. I mean, come on. Forgiveness, love, victory over sin, peace with God, my Portion forever.

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