Monday, September 21, 2009

Youth Leader: TK

Name: Todd Kellner

Nickname: TK

Years in RBC Youth Ministry: 24 years

Roles: High School Guys Leader

Gifts: Teaching, Confrontation, Driving (on long trips), Driving (with his Ping G10)

Evidences of Grace: He is a youth leader whom I’ve have become good friends with. He loves the Lord and loves the youth group. He’s gone through a difficult last year being unemployed, but was a great model of what someone should do when they are unemployed. He gave himself to three things:

1. Looking for a job

2. His family (his folks—who have had significant health issues)

3. The local church

Todd has been my right hand man, giving constantly of time and effort to the youth group. He’s been on every trip we’ve done, served in the nursery and children’s ministry (with the youth who serve in those areas), and wrote a 15-week study on sin for the youths to grow from. As he endured unemployment, he kept looking to God for dependence.

God provided him a job last week.


  1. He has another gift: Announcements.

  2. Amen, I see Jesus in TK.. thus making him one of my heros!
    Thanks for sharing this very uplifting encouragement, Dan!