Monday, September 28, 2009

Youth Leader: Tim

Name: Tim Haumersen

Nickname: Timmy Hums

Years in RBC Youth Ministry: 3.5 years

Roles: 7th Grade Boys Leader

Gifts: Administration, Service, Organization, making microwavable popcorn, and, oh yeah, he's ok at piano

Evidences of Grace: He (has/is) (poured/is pouring) his life into serving Jesus. That's a pretty good evidence of grace, but it goes further. He will serve when

-he is counted on

-he is "supposed to"

-called on at the last minute

-its not fun

-he needs to use up almost all of his vacation days at work to help middle school and high school kids fall more in love with Jesus

- by giving up weekends to stay up late spending time with youths at fall retreats

- others dump issues on him and he has to listen and give counsel

-spending his free time making food for (mostly) thankless youths and their (mostly) thankless youth pastor

- by doing whatever it takes to help others grow

Tim is a good friend and RBC is blessed to have him. He doesn't collect a check from the church (even though he probably should) and may not even be recognized for the behind-the-scenes work he does. He daily spends time with the Lord and it shows. He is a model of discipline and it shows. He is humble and, so, Christ shows.


  1. This is the reason that when we do something real well we say we "Timmed it". All glory to God of course, but he's sure gifted Tim!!! : )

  2. I was going to comment (wait, I am?), but then I decided that Tim already knows how I talk to God about him, and the rest of you would find it incredibly sappy and presonal!