Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 in Review: July-August

July 2009--Eighteen of us from the youth group went down to New Orleans for a mission trip. We partnered with RBC's missionary, Sandy Lee, to minister to the needy of the projects in urban New Orleans. Many of our hearts were opened to the physical and spiritual needs of others. The highlight of the trip for me was the phenomenal devotion times that we had as a group. Everyone spent time with God on their own each morning, then we came together for an hour and talked about what God was teaching us. The students all shared really deep things about God and had fantastic insights into God's Word. I love Jesus more because of this trip and because of the fellowship I experienced.

August 2009--In just a couple of weeks, I saw much of the country. I was in Chicago, New Orleans, LA, and DC. In DC, I went to the Worship God '09 conference. It. Was. Great. Lowlight: Nearly puking out my guts after downing tons of coffee and three barnyards on the drive home (Barnyard: A McDonalds McChicken that is placed in between the two beef patties of a double cheeseburger). Highlight: The singing at the conference was over-the-top great and when I closed my eyes, I got a little taste of what heaven will be like.

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