Saturday, January 16, 2010

Top Ten: Fort Wilderness Retreat 2010

Fort 2010 rocked. I had a blast. I learned a lot. Some of the things I will most remember from the retreat:

10. Worship through Singing--I really believe that we have the best worship group in the world in the youth group. The best part of the group isn't talent (which they have), its not the song choices (though they're good), or their need to rob glory during singing (which they don't do). They love God and they love to worship God. Their worship is an overflow of their life, not an emotional pep rally for the rest of us to enjoy. Worshipping God, while being led by brothers and sisters who love the gospel and live the gospel, is an incredible joy.

9. Chad, Part 1--Chad Rich. Missionary. Jack of all trades. He helped me in so many little ways over the weekend, taking care of detail after detail. I love how each time I see him, he challenges me to think about God's Word in a new way. A good brother.

8. Encouragement Papers--Every students gets a sheet of paper with their picture on it--and other students can write kind notes to them on that paper. There are some people who are really gifted at writing notes and they give up a lot of free time to encourage others. I know I am built up after reading what others said to me.

7. The Boys of Fox--I love these guys. Chad A, Ace, Christian, Erik, Colton, Codey, Justice, and Evan. These guys were a blast to room with. These guys really grew in their love for God and I got excited thinking about how God will grow them over the next 12 months until the next Fort.

6. Michelle's Farewell Speech--Despite spending most of the weekend devoted to trying to cause me serious bodily harm on the broomball court, Michelle's words during open mic time on the final morning were a great blessing. When I started working at RBC, she was in middle school, now she's a senior who, by God's grace, has grown greatly. I remember her sharing (in July '09) that she wanted to really grow this year. This prayer has been answered (Jan '10).

5. Paul--A great brother. Paul Henschel is a genuine Christian, who lives a humble, holy, and godly life. He opened up God's Word and taught the students from it. He's a friend who has given his life to serving the body of Christ. This last weekend, he built up the small part of the body that I love the most.

4. Hullabaloo--Hilarious. Too many funny things to mention. Cool Jerk. The youth mini-stars was sweet and funny. Very humorous. The Never Ending Story was well-done. And, Rob Druktenis, baring midriff--more sick then funny.

3. Chad (and Cortney), Part 2--Chad and Cortney Andersen. They've recently started helping with youth group and I loved having them there. I got to room with Chad--who loves students and wants to see them all grow. He kicked off the weekend serving: we were in a big-time bind and needed a vehicle and he gave up his for the weekend to help us out. Cortney is just as great: loves girls and loves seeing them grow in Christ. I'm pumped about serving with these two.

2. Testimonies--Um, wow! Tony is a good friend, who encourages me to grow weekly. To hear how God's grace saved him and how God is working in his life was a blessing for us all. Amy's humble testimony grandly displayed the greatness and grace of God. Bryn's challenged us to appreciate God's grace in a new way. I could listen to those testimonies every day and be encouraged.

1. Students and Leaders--I love the students. I love the leaders. I love spending time with them. I love talking with them about Jesus. I love singing to God with them. I love them.


  1. The testimonies and the time of worship through singing were my favorites! It was a great trip.

  2. It was really great. Thanks for being such an encouragement to everyone while you were up there!